Monday, 14 July 2014

Samothraki Mysteries 2

As I stood on the pebbled beach and watched the full moon rise over the ancient city I reflected on a day of contemplation awe and more questions than answers.
The day had started before dawn with a cleansing bath in the thermal springs in the mountains, and a rinse from the freshwater spring near the ocean. I took only waters from this spring until after the ceremonies/rituals at the Temple.

This was a day to follow the footpaths of the ancients as they became initiates - Alexander the Great ' s parents were fellow initiates who (so it is said) conceived him during this three day festival.  I made myself a band of ripe summer grasses to denote that I had already passed the first stage of initiation.

Nine days ago, I entered the Temple site from the East - from the ancient city and sat on the steps of the Propylon of Ptolemy where the introductory rites were performed; to ask myself "What is the worst thing I have ever done?" I passed many incidences through my mind, it took me hours I think, and I cried bucket loads as I looked at the things I was least proud of in my life. Since there was no confessor - no-one to absolve my deads, when I was finished I concluded that none of these things were so bad and that I could move forward into the circular waiting area across the gully/torrent. This area was the gathering place for the initiates who had moved to the second stage; where the candidates learned the requirements for the second level invitation ceremonies before they entered the inner sanctum.

There is a more ancient story than this though - this site was used for Mother Earth festivals well before, 3,000; 4,000; maybe even 7,000 or more years ago.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Samothraki Mysteries

Full moon starts tonight and it is amazing to be here where the ancient  Samothraki Mysteries were celebrated in a three day midsummer festival.
My freedom journey is really becoming everything I could wish for...
I have hit the "stop it" button - diakopes...